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A Born Voice Over Artist
Keyonni is a well-read, self-proclaimed bibliophile with a love for historical, and literary fiction, and a fetish for women's health. She unwittingly sweeps listeners along a narrative journey with her smooth and inviting sound. Her vocal dexterity keeps the listener wondering if it’s the same person behind the mic, as she imbues each character and genre with a vocal quality and personality specific to the author's intent. Her personality is as light and warm as her gorgeous smile.

Keyonni can narrate very comfortably in a generalized South African-Zula accent and Nigerian-Igbo accent.

Keyonni has formally trained and coached with leading industry narrators, and coaches and has trained at the Michigan Actors Studio. She is a fierce advocate and leader for diverse voices in audiobooks and is the creator of Voices of Color in Audiobooks (VOCA).

Keyonni has an undergraduate degree in Women's Studies and International Development and therefore she has a very keen understanding and affinity for women's and feminist studies and issues. She holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh and is very comfortable narrating work with medical and scientific terminology, these two degrees intersect in her love of Women's and Maternal Child Health advocacy. Keyonni was a study abroad student in India, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, where she lived, working on issues around HIV/AIDS and development. She lives in Michigan and enjoys hanging out on any of the Great Lakes during the summer as well as RVing. When she's not working or narrating you will find her trying to get in some leisurely reading!

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